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Parameters acrylic plate production process and technology
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      1. Hardness:
      Hardness is the best embodiment of the production process and technical casting parameters acrylic panels, quality control is an important part. Hardness can reflect the raw MMA purity, weather resistance and high temperature performance sheet and so on. Hardness directly affect whether bending sheet will shrink, the surface is cracked, etc. will appear during processing. Hardness is one of rigid acrylic panels to judge the quality of the quality indicators. My company produced imported materials cast acrylic sheet has the same products currently the highest hardness index. Darrow average hardness value of about 89 degrees.
      2. Thickness tolerance:
      Plate thickness tolerance control is an important manifestation of quality control and production technology. Imported materials and cast acrylic board thickness tolerance control within + 0.2mm.
      3. Transparency / Whiteness:
      With strict raw material selection, advanced formula follow-up and modernization of the production process production, to ensure transparency and white sheet excellent degree. Flame polished crystal clear.

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